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Archives for April, 2008

John Wilkin and others on Openness and its opposites

In a recent AP article about mass digitization at Michigan (available here via Salon), my colleague John Wilkin was amusingly misquoted as characterizing some comments of Brewster Kahle’s as “theoretical,” when John meant polemical.” John has a nice blog post on the on the subject, with responses and rejoinders from both Brewster and from Carl […]

On choosing a Creative Commons License

I recently changed the Creative Commons license on this blog from Attribution-Non Commercial to Attribution, for a number of reasons. My reasons are all related to a general point of view about commerce, one that is highly unoriginal (having, famously, been well articulated by Adam Smith in 1776) but powerful nonetheless. The profit motive often […]

Oxford, Cambridge and Sage Sue Georgia State

It is with dismay that I read in today‚Äôs New York Times that three distinguished academic presses, Oxford, Cambridge, and Sage, are suing Georgia State for copyright infringement with regard to course websites. I cannot know the merits of the case, but two points are telling. One is that the transaction seems to be between […]